CIU League Games

CIU Games take place on a Monday evening during the season. We are one of eight participating Clubs and will play each other once home and away. Games involved include Dominoes, Cribbage, Whist, Snooker, Darts and Bagatelle.

During each year the Recreation Department of the WMCIU organises numerous National and Area contests that are open to all Club members who are in possession of a current Pass Card. Listed below are the currently held competitions and guide dates.

National Indoor Championships

Cribbage Pairs - Dominoes Straight Pairs - Dominoes 5's and 3's Pairs

Entry forms are sent to clubs in January with a closing date in April
These competitions run from June through to March

Team Snooker, Darts and Pool - Individual Snooker

Entry forms are sent to clubs in April with a closing date in June
These competitions run from September through to June

Individual Darts and Pool

Entry forms are sent to clubs in October with a closing date in January
These competitions run from April through to January

Angling Championships

National / Northern Angling for all clubs.

Entry forms are sent out in April and is fished in July

South Wales and Monmouthshire Sea Angling

For eligibility of these competitions please contact the address below

If you require details of any of the above or would like any entry form please contact the Secretary alternatively you may write, phone or email;

The Recreation Department,
253 – 254 Upper Street,
London, N1 1RY
Telephone 020 7226 0221 Fax 020 7354 1847